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We have built a bridge between the police and the boda bodas

My name is Kashi Jermain, and I am the program manager at Human Development Agenda, a community-based organization in Kwale.

When COVID-19 hit Kenya, many of the peacebuilding initiatives were destabilized, and we had a risk of increased conflicts between the police and motorcycle taxis in Kwale during enforcement of the COVID-19 restriction measures.

Through funding from Search For Common Ground through the Inuka! project, we were able to help the police and the boda bodas tackle COVID-19. This way, we helped the two parties focus on a common enemy as we restored their relationships

The police were able to have an audience with the boda boda drivers and educate them on road safety rules and ways that they can work together without friction. We have built a bridge between the police and the boda bodas.

Jermain Kashi
                     Dr. Jermain Kashi

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