We are a grassroots organization that aims to prevent and transform radicalization and violent extremism, protect and promote the progressive realization and enjoyment of human rights and protect children from all forms of commercial sexual exploitation.

Our Mission

To engage society in continuous dialogue and civic discourse on matters of development, food security, radicalization, violent extremism, crime, peace and security

Our Vision

Create an inclusive society free of hunger, poverty, fear and violence

Our Values

Our aim is to engage society in continuous dialogue and civic discourse .

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What We Do

HUDA is an Arabic terms meaning “Uongofu” or Mwongozo” or “Guidance”, the formation of the organization signifies the desire for the communities in the south coast region to address issues of development, civic education and engagement and to move people away from radicalisation and violent extremism including dissuading youth from joining proscribed groups and gangs Conscious that many idle youth in the area are attracted to different anti-social groups and behavior, HUDA works with stakeholders including youth, women, state actors, the private sector and the civil society.

Partnered with trusted organizations.

To realize our Vision, We have partnered with reputable organizations both Locally and internationally .If you wish to partner with us contact us by clicking the link below.